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We'll improve your marketing systems, make you a kick-ass website, create your content and market your business to customers who give a damn.

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You have no excuses now. The Good Marketing Company covered all our digital marketing needs. Some of our employees have also taken their course which is more than worth the £75/month!
Laura Fullerton
CEO, Fitty London

We want to make the health and wellness industry a safer more amazing place than it already is. We want it to be inclusive, for everyone, inexpensive, fun and an interesting exploration into the human condition.

Don't have the time or the resources?
Let us use our 15 years of experience to run your campaigns for you.
Learn to market your wellness brand yourself, with our tailored courses, resources and tools.


Does your Brand reflect your business?

It's more than just your logo...

Your brand is all the front facing aspects of your business and is the umbrella under which all your assets sit.

Every customer touch point is an opportunity to show your customers that your brand matters to them and can solve their problems.

We can help you reposition your fitness or health product, so that it reflects your values and want your customers need.

Branding & Brand Management


Social Media Management & Advertising

How do you stand out?

Be bold, be clear, but think of the customer first...

This is something we get asked every day. Agreed, it's noisy out there. But there is a shift towards a truth and authentic form of marketing and business.

Through our research, we have found that customers prefer to hear from brand they know and trust. From brands that answers questions in a way that resonates with them.

So it's not just throwing your products and services at them, but making solid strides in being open in the way you communicate to existing and potential customers.


Do you know how your customers find you?

Search is more than just googling it...

Search is about answering questions. Solving problems. And keyword research is at the core of doing this.

What's more is that we can create plans for you to follow that can boost your rankings in a very competitive space.

Beyond that we can technically optimise your site to keep google happy and create a sound structure so you can create, market and change lives with confidence.

Search engine optimisation



How much time can you save?

It's not tech wizards in skinny jeans...

Anyone, and we mean anyone, can automate a process that can save their business time and money.

Whether its from a sales perspective, follow up on a gated blog post or even a way to replace the spreadsheet you use. We can guarentee there is always something you can get done automatically so you can focus on more important things.

A full list of everything we do:





  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • New Concepts
  • eCommerce
  • CRM
  • Business Automation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Social Account Management
  • Social Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analytics
  • Life cycle Campaign management
  • Campaign Automation
  • Website Builds
  • Ad Creative
  • Mobile Application
  • eCommerce
  • Digital Content
  • Campaign Content: Video, Audio, Photography, Copywriting
  • Branding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Search Marketing (SEO, PPC)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Automation
  • Sales Funnels