In 2016 we helped 2356 people give generously In 2017 we help make 1034 new families In 2018 we helped 3456 Parkinson's patients gain their life back In 2019 we helped launch 5 new brands and helped 2967 people get fit again In 2020 let's meet and see what we can do together...

We started 2017

Having amassed skills and contacts throughout the marketing industry, Andrew knew he had to build a company that embodied his beliefs of fairness, transparency, logic and empathy.

Having also been an avid fitness, sports fan and passionate about accessible healthcare, he bet on being able to bring the best of the marketing world to the health, wellness and fitness industry.
Now with a core team of 3 and an army of freelancers The Good Marketing Co. has helped over 15 companies make over £20 million since 2017.
We have done this by questioning, creating familiar surprises and joyfully helping as much as we can.

A team that cares

Andrew Balerdi

A creative marketer who understands health brands

Andrew Balerdi is an award winning marketer, founder and CEO of The Good Marketing Co. where he oversees the creative and technical direction of the company.

Mr. Balerdi frequently lectures about practical aspects of marketing at Kent University, Goldsmiths and CIM. He is also Google Partner for analytics and advertising.

He set up his agency to take on a new approach to health and wellness marketing. One based on the founding principles of simplicity, logic, authenticity and empathy.

Tom Clarke

A Content/PR powerhouse who knows how to tell health brands’ stories

Tom is an award winning writer, trainer and communications specialist. 

He works with health brands and entrepreneurs to create compelling content and help get them in front of the audiences that matter.

Tom has twenty years’ experience in corporate communications, PR and journalism – including 16 years at PR Newswire where he helped hundreds of colleagues, clients and partners understand more about PR strategy and the power of the press release. 

He also specialises in developing English language content for international businesses. 

Jennifer Delucry

A strategic marketer who knows who to grow health brands

Jen is a creative and strategic marketer with 15 years experience building high growth entrepreneurial businesses in the health & wellness industry.

Passionate about building brands with purpose and creating experiences and products that engage and inspire. Experienced in leading projects from concept to creation with measurable impact on a company’s growth.

A vibrant, agile leader and hands-on team player who is vision-driven, detail-orientated and commercially-savvy.

Specialties include: - Wellness Industry – yoga, food & beverage, leisure wear - Start-ups & product launches - Brand Management - Developing effective and unique marketing strategies - Content creation - Digital strategy - Client engagement

The name

Our name is an extension of our philosophy – create altruistic, meaningful campaigns for you and your customers and not for ourselves. Make Good, Be Good.

How we work

We have a top down straight forward process driven approach. It all starts with your brand. The marketing glue and fabric you use to communicate with your audience. Companies at any stage of their career need to have why they do it, what they stand for and who they do it for nailed to the wall.

At the beginning

We want to know: Your mission statement: What you do and who you do it for. Your vision statement: Why you do it and where are you taking the people you do it for. Your brand personality: Your tone of voice, emotions you encapsulate. And your brand character: One word to encapsulate your brand (“Fierce?”)

What you get

Imagine all your creative, technical and marketing agencies got into one room and acted as a singular entity. They had joined up thinking and it was all seamless and brilliant and amazing. Now you don’t have to imagine it. We’re here.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We help you with the technical backing and creative output, so you can make more informed decisions based on user interaction and eventually align your marketing effort with bringing in leads.

Do you want to grow your business?

we can do it together

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