An open letter to health and wellness entrepreneurs: is there a better way?

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For health marketers and wellness entrepreneurs, it’s a constant challenge to get the right marketing mix. Every day, you may well send emails, gather leads on a spreadsheet, update your social media in order to get leads and eventually sales. This is especially true if you’re just starting out.

The main problem you may face is not having a clear strategy, your brand and offering is unclear or you may not don’t have enough knowledge or resource which leads to qualify at best or worse you have tried piecemeal marketing activities that don’t work. 

Today, one traditional option is to sign up with an agency who may or may not have your best interest at heart, and you might be at the back of the queue or have to pay over the odds for a service you may not need. With dwindling organic social media reach, difficulties in obtaining customer email addresses, the rise in ad costs and time it takes to create an effective content marketing campaign, the problems will only get worse over time.

And the net result is that brands are forced to over-compete in a saturated market place and may feel as though they can ‘get-away’ with stretching the truth or embellishing their claims. 

Whilst there is opportunity, it may feel out of your reach to have a business that helps people and you get make money in return. 

And with the recent Google (E.A.T) update, it will become increasingly challenging to simply publish health or wellness advice without proper credentials, social proof, corroboration and market buy-in. 

Search, in the next 6 months, will become a crucial asset in your arsenal to reach those whom you seek to serve. Creating online and offline experiences, that cannot be replicated, will also be a crucial way to attract people to a top level brand experience and install a trusted bond in the hearts and minds of your audience. 

And saying all of this, if only there was an easier more effective way to market wellness services and products to people who care. Then customers could understand your brand, affinity would be built and leads, conversions and ultimately cash in your bank which would lead to being able to think about your business in a more strategic way. 

If only there was a palliative, consultative and insurable cure to stop grasping at short term transactions and rather provide an unequalled service that lasts for a generation not just the time-span of a ‘trend’.

A tried and tested way to communicate where you do not have to shout or clamour for attention, but rather create, talk and then listen. 

At the Good Marketing Co. we feel as though we can give you this.  

If you are interested, and you are willing to come on a journey, get in touch, and we can send your website or app some free traffic to see what we mean.

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