Building a brand for an audience - Sensitively

The challenge

Duofertility had been in start up mode for a number of years. In order to compete in the fertility market, that was becoming noisier, the brand needed to speak to customers in a direct, consultative, educative and sensitive way. 

The marketing effort also needed to support sales where monthly subscriptions to the service were somewhat lacking.

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Transforming the brand

Creating any brand is a challenge. But creating a brand around something as emotionally sensitive as pregnancy and get right, has to be revolutionary.

The problem is often seen too late and health services around the world have not recognised the severity of the unmet need of educating men and women of their reproductive options. 

So a product and service to solve this problem and educate consumers before they know they have a problem is all the more difficult.

With that in mind we needed to transform the brand to be modern, transparent, empathetic and empowering, rather than scientific and speak to couples about their options rather than have them focus too much on the end result.

Premium style

After doing a facilitated discovery session with the team we generated 3 stylescapes—ranging from conservative to bold—of what the brand could look like.

The direction pictured here was the winner. From there, it was refined and applied to all marketing materials.

Building a comms platform

After implementing data tracking capabilities, we used that data to analyse user’s route to purchase. We then re-engineered content to support that journey. This would take users from an initial piece of top level content e.g blog, video, social post or email and then provide them with follow up content of emails, success stories or an invite to chat about their issues.

The result was that potential customers could interact with the brand in a way that was comfortable to them and at no stage would they feel ‘sold’ to.

The App Markets

Apps are a way of life. But making the way to create life was again a challenge. We advertised on app stores, but also partnered with other apps and development partners to programmatically find apps that our target market would like and use and we would retarget potential users on these apps.

The real insight came when we find out that women who are looking to conceive, between the ages of 25 – 32 also are more likely to download casual games and spend more time playing social games on facebook. We took the same ad and ran it on these platforms.

We also found out that women between 32 – 40 were more likely to download organisational and to-do apps. We partnered with these free apps to make sure the ads were seen. Impressions and purchases increased and users gained a general level of awareness that had not been seen before.

In addition to this we optimised the app description to match keyword search terms and made the app thumbnails and video as interactive as possible.


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