Our Values

I strongly believe that health based companies should not be forced to over compete and be put in a position where they feel they have to embellish their story or confuse the customer into submission. I strongly believe that fitness marketing does not need to be sexualised in order to make money. 

I strongly believe that health benefits need to be clearly described so consumers can expect considerable consistency and take ownership of their health choices. I strongly believe that smaller operators and firms can leverage digital marketing tactics to gain back market revenue share from their behemoth counterparts. 

I strongly believe that marketing teams whose budgets and teams have been halved, yet expected to get better year on year results, should have better media production, affordable training and marketing support available to them. 

I believe that consumers deserve a chance at feeling good about their healthier choices rather than feeling like they have joined a health cult that they cannot escape. I strongly believe that as an industry we can do better to promote realistic yet aspirational role models for young people and represent a wider set of individuals rather than women doing squats and butt selfies on Instagram. 

I strongly believe that healthcare providers have a duty to provide realistically priced products, so that the next generation is not left with an economy of exclusion. I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of the conscious, ethically sound, altruistic health and fitness brands to shout louder, speak up, say more, converse better with all types of consumers rather than preaching to choirs who worship at the Equinox alter. 

I strongly believe that as a collective of brands who want to make positive progressive changes to the world around them we need to reach the disenfranchised, the unmotivated, the feeling lost, the lapsed gym members, the retired at 34 ex under 16 badminton champion, the 56 year old dodgy knee netballer, the timid Bangladeshi boy who wants to be the next Arnold. I strongly believe that it’s our duty, as this decade opens up to a precarious future, to provide these good people with good healthy products and services look forward to, to take them to those consistent results. To take them to good tools, good thoughtful campaigns that help them to be better. I strongly believe that I will be part of the solution and not part of the problem. 

I strongly believe that it’s not one agency or group that can put this into place but rather a movement. A good marketing movement to one day, soon, make health, fitness & wellness a fairer, more open, benefit led, logical and empathetic. 

We need to make this type of marketing better than good, we need to make it exceptional.

Andrew Balerdi

CEO, The Good Marketing Co. 2020

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