Social Media/Content Creator

Job Application

Alright. So if you have read the job spec, welcome. Thanks for coming this far.

I would like for you, after you have filled in the personal bumf to create a social post. It could be for any platform, Pinterest,

It’s for a health brand (imagine the health brand already has the brand set up) trying to reach women in their 40’s and 50’s . They have a campaign running to promote their community to get women in this age bracket moving. Running, walking, dancing, cycling, swimming. Options, time, motivation and being able to stick to a routine are the major pain points for this age group.

So create a post centred around these issues.

I am looking for no-judgements, positive encouragement, inclusive language and imagery. I would like this to be vibrant, bold, exciting and I want to feel inspired to join the community.

Remember it’s not an ad. I am looking for an interesting take and showcasing your ability to create.

Submit it in anyway you see fit.

Then please show me at least 1 social profile you have managed and give me 2 sentences on what you did.

Applications need be in by Wednesday 2nd of December 2020

Best of luck.


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