The 'Last Content Planner you'll need' by Andrew Balerdi

Content Planner
for Solo Marketers


Solo Marketers, never be short on time or stuck for content ideas again...

This simple easy to use spreadsheet will help you save so much time, get you unstuck and help you look like a genius for your boss. It will also help you get more traffic, more traction, better engagement on your content for only $35.

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Sooooo….I have been a solo marketer and I know how tough the job can be. Even before the global pandemic, companies were trying to get the most bang for their buck. This meant squeezing marketing teams to produce more and getting you to work outside of your expertise and comfort zone. Designing, writing, blog posts, shooting videos, managing social media, managing email campaigns, updating the website, running ad campaigns, creating automations and sales funnels….

I am out of breath just thinking about it. Trying to do everything but accomplishing nothing. 

Well there might be an easier way, at least, for you to manage the planning for your content production that does not make you sick thinking about it. 

Quick questions: 

❓What if there was a way to eradicate any of your content marketing plan problems?

❓That all your planning for the year was sorted in a day? 

❓What if also you could plan content to match up against what your customers are going through? 

❓What if how you create content resonates with your brand values and helps your audience to you use your product or service?

The solution? A spreadsheet. 

I know, not another spreadsheet. But this one has been created over the last 2 years, taking the best of our collective content planning knowledge and using live content campaigns as testing grounds for what works. 

It may be that you are focusing on the wrong topics or even too much content. 

You may think that you need to publish something every day.

⛔️THE TRUTH is you don’t.

🥇THE TRUTH is your content, if you have put a lot into it, does not suck.

☝🏽THE TRUTH is you are probably in an over-competitive market and trying to speak to everyone. When really you ONLY need to be speaking to your ideal customer.

It sucks and it's unfair

...and we know how unfair it can be that bigger teams and marketers with bigger budgets seems to get a big share of voice...

But we have helped dozens of brands over the last 3 years create killer content that sticks, lasts and months later generates leads and income. 

That’s why, as fellow, marketers, we can’t stand idly by without helping you. 

So if you want to create the same type of content that matches your brand values and resonates with your customers get downloading now! 

Get your content marketing done right

"This is the last content strategy and editorial calendar you will ever need."
Bella Oriana
Fashion & Wellness Blogger

Get your copy for just £35

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What people are saying:

Wow. I have seen lots of content marketing tools and calendars, a lot of them are free and rubbish. This was well worth the price of a fancy burger. Thanks Andrew!

Lisa M, Freelance Marketer

Dude. This is brilliant. Would have liked to see a bit more SEO focus in there, but this is great stuff. I shall be using this tool for me AND my clients! 💥

Gerald C. SEO Expert

All this for just $35!

No tricks, just $35.

No upsells or lengthy pitches to a course, just $35.

No ‘one-more-thing marketing’, just $35. 

No ‘hacks’ that you can’t actually implement, just $35. 

No big claims that you can make millions, just $35 for a very practical content marketing tool. 

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We have used this tool to generate thousands of blog and social posts for big and small brands. There are no guarantees with content marketing and we could not possibly assume this will 100% work for you and transform your content marketing. But what it will do is organise your content so you can produce more content that is closer to what your customers want. Hope you are able to get some use out of it. Any probs, just give us a shout. 

We do not accept refunds, but if you genuinely think you have made the purchase in error, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.