Were the 1989 winning aerobics team onto something?

We genuinely want to help. We want provide you and your customers quality opportunities to connect.

We want to lighten the burden of your marketing efforts.

We also want to cultivate a team spirit, not seen since the dizzy heights of the US national aerobics championship.

We realise we may not always be as energised or aligned as these guys, but we will strive to get there.

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We're structuring most of our campaigns on permission based marketing tactics

We believe in the privilege of talking to customers who want to be spoken to. To be able to text someone before their session or have them call you when they have a complaint. To take deep consideration when making a health claim and to a validate the power of community.

Your trust goes right in there...we promise

We treasure customer's attention and sanctify the trust of those we seek to serve.

'Good' Marketing is not about being kind, although that helps. Nor is it just about 'positive vibes'.

It's about doing what is right even if it's unpopular and even, dare we say it, acting not in the best interests of profits, but acting in the best interest of customers.

How do you do this?

At the centre of how we achieve effective brand marketing in the wellness industry are our guides:



Make your product and brand easy to understand and your message clear.

Keep it simple

Show what you are selling, how much it costs where it's located and what time people should be there.



Make what your selling make sense. For you and to your customer.

Maintain a logical view

Show what you are selling, how much it costs where it's located and what time people should be there. Have your offer make sense. If it's a health bar you are selling don't charge £35 for it. Have it resonate in your in mind from a common sense perspective. Ask yourself, 'Would I buy a 35 pound health bar?'



Now more than ever, distrust can be born from a font choice, a line of copy or a model's wink. If there is not some truth, people won't buy from your brand.

Value your core proposition

Your brand's voice needs to come from a place that makes sense, but is also true. Equinox gym's can show buff dudes and dudettes exercising on roof tops in sun soaked locations because it's authentic to their aspirational voice. If KFC did the same thing, would that seem authentic? Don't say something you cannot back up with empirical well -researched data or evidence. People wont trust it.



Empathy is not only missing from commerce but lacking in society. It goes beyond putting the customer first. Empathy in the wellness industry is about first understanding the need then showing the customer a new way to solve that need.

It's all about the hugs!

If you love the sound of your own brand, people will switch off. Wellness customers want to know one thing, 'will this product or service solve my problem...now.' And they can decide yes or no, in milliseconds. So you need to show the customer what they would look like eating your protein bar, going to your gym, donating to your charity. And moreover what are the tangible benefits that will improve their lives today.

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