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The challenge

Arkeo and what it stands for is a new concept. Mental fitness is not something people are generally aware of or have the knowledge of how to use it. 

Arkeo wants to be the first mental fitness tracking app. For you to first know yourself by noticing and documenting your habits, then make changes to see if those changes affect your habits and behaviours. 

A novel concept, created by Jana Dowling, seeks to change the world of mental health apps. 

The brand, the app, the website the social content and marketing architecture needed to be created in order support such a brilliant yet ambitious idea. 

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Strategy, Branding design,  Content and blogs, Content Calendar, Messaging, Collateral, Web Design & Development, Video production, Marketing operation, SEO, Social Media & Web Chat. Everything. 

The guidelines

To hit the ground running and speak to a generation rather than a small demographic, we wanted to give Jana and our team the best chances. We created a visual style, that was simple yet impactful, bold, yet welcoming, engaging and easy to understand. 

We translated mental fitness into a sports brand, using hints from the sports apparel world whilst softening edges fonts, colours and hues from the mental health world. 

Flick through the finished brand guidelines to see how easy it would be to create an Arkeo graphic. 

On average now it takes less than 10 minutes, using these guidelines to create something great. 

Designing the app

Creating an app can be hard. Fortunately we had a proof of concept to go on, which had great functionality. 

As this acted as a great wireframe it was a case of improving and aligning the UX and the UI design to create a seamless intuitive experience. 

The app is able to track patterns of behaviour and will also give you recommendations based on your patterns. 

This is what Jana, had to say. 

Creating a strategy and content...lots of content.

The potential of mental fitness as a concept and an app is monumental. The global reach alone could be something which changes how people approach mental health. One that is more accessible and measurable. 

To achieve the goal of reaching 1 billion souls we came up with a an inbound marketing plan combined with Google and social ads, PR and strategic brand partnerships.   

We would track everything feeding into app downloads and purchases. 

Some Arkeo social posts

Designing the website

The website needed to be simple and impactful. We wanted this digital asset to be in keeping with the brand and the app. 

The website also needed to be designed responsively for all screens. Which is why we took a mobile first approach, knowing that many potential users would be coming from social platforms and be looking for apps on their phone anyway. 


Sign ups to the Beta
Social posts created
App screens designed

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