Renaming and creating a new brand for a local workspace

The challenge

Launchpad is a local co-working space in Bishop’s Stortford. It hosts small businesses, freelancers and employees working from home but need an outside space. 

It’s bright and friendly and there is a great community. The current name, brand and website does not reflect accurately the workspace’s scope and need to grow. 

They needed a new name, a new brand and assets that reflected their new change in trajectory. 


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Coming up with a new name

Naming a new company or brand very hard. But that’s not where we started. We first decided to understand the reasons why people went to work in the first place. 

We wanted to understand what made people tick. We came up with the following reasons: 

Practical reasons
Build a business
Pay bills
Help people
To get out the house
Conceptual Reasons
Group identity
To flourish
To find a purpose
To find oneself
To belong
‘Because I have to’
Fulfilling a dream

We took the steak-holders through a decision making process to narrow down the name. We presented the reasons why and felt that it was important with each name suggestion. 

A reason to believe

Progress drives success and when people can work in an environment that helps their progress. They are infinitely happier. There is a stark contrast between new and old ways of doing business. The new way rewards flexibility sociability and keeping overheads down. Perceived control and perceived progress are the driving forces behind the valid reasons for people to work. If we are able to give them progress and control the reasons for them to work become a shared problem for us to help them figure out. Yes we are an office space where people can come to work. But we are also a service for workers to feel welcome, in control and progress.

Creating guidelines

Work + Co the chosen name, meant a few things. It was a name we could place our own meaning onto. It was a name we could play with and the hexagon was something we could re-use as a pattern or an object in other uses. For example buttons on an app or wallpaper in the building. 

We created guidelines so anyone could use colours logos and style and apply it to any asset. From wall decals to door signs and digital assets the guidelines explained and emphasised the brand fundamentals. 

App design start

We have started the process in creating the initial wireframes, visuals, user journeys and app flow. 

We know the app has to communicate the core values of work and why work + co exists. 

The app is on its way and we can’t wait to show you the finished product. 


New Name
New brand
New app...to come

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