Transforming Britannia.

Developing the brand and building a new website to better reflect what they do


The challenge

Britannia, who are an amazing company, help those who suffer with Parkinson’s to live a fuller life. They wanted new assets including a brand new website, to showcase the size and scope of their business that previously had not been accurately represented.

Further to this Britannia needed support to produce media on a regular basis to show investors and clinicians Britannia’s full impact on tackling Parkinson’s Disease.

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Strategy, Branding design,  Website copy writing, Web Design & Development, Video production, Marketing operation

The old site

Developing the brand and the look

Their old site, admittedly was a bit outdated and did not best represent the company. After a discovery session with Britannia we felt it best to keep the colours the logo and the light and familiar photography style. 

We then created a project timeline and content calendar to produce content for the website

We set milestones to complete the website and create content for the new website. Once assets were created they have been placed in a central location for all marketing and sales staff.

We created over 80 images and shot 4 videos. Each representing a different aspect of the business and the services they offered. 

A new style, brand reflected!

The updated design had to reflect not only the size and scope of Britannia’s efforts, but also had to fit into a unified design system.

We created repeatable sections that could be used anywhere on the site. This comprised of an attention grabbing header, a three column layout, long form text, video with a background image, and a sectional callout. 

We also chose a timeless font, Futura, to reflect the strength of the brand and that we knew would be unlikely to go out of date. 

The final site

We a really proud of the site and so is the team at Britannia. This is what Charlotte, marketing manager, had to say.
Our new website is amazing. Everyone in the office loves it and you have made my job all the more easier. Thanks Andrew.
Charlotte Newbold
Marketing Manager, Britannia Pharma


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